Iqbal Azeem

Sayid Iqbal Azim  was an Urdu poet and scholar of Urdu language in the Bengal region.


Iqbal Azeem was born in Meerut on 8 July 1913. His father was from Saharanpur. He grew up in Lucknow and Odh, He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Lucknow University in 1934. From there he moved on to Agra University to achieve his Master of Arts in 1943. He obtained his Research Scholarship from Dhaka University and completed Head Teacher Course from Teachers Training College Lucknow. He also passed Hindi language and Bengali language special examinations. He served as a teacher for eleven years in government schools of Uttar Pradesh before migrating to Bengal in 1950. There, for twenty years, he served as a professor in government degree colleges. He was head of the Department of Urdu, Dhaka College and Chittagong College.[3] He came to Karachi to live with his relatives in April 1970 after he lost his eyesight.

Literary work

Mizrab and Lab Kusha are two ghazal collections of Azeem’s work, and Kab-e-Qosain is a book of naats. He also wrote Mashraqi Bengal Mein Urdu, a critique of the evolution of the Urdu language in the Bengal region. Another collection of his poetry has been published as Diwaan-e-Hakeem Natiq.
Other works include Sat Sitaray, Chiragh-i-Akhir-i-Shab and Mahasal[1]

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