Ayan Qureshi

Ayan Qureshi (born 24 November 2009) is a young Pakistani born British computer technician from Coventry, England.


Qureshi is the youngest[1] Microsoft Certified Professional after successfully passing the standard examination procedures for the certification at Birmingham City University Center on 27 September 2014, at age of 5 years and 11 months.[2] He beat the record previously held by Mehroz Yawar from Pakistan, who passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam at age six and a half.[3]

Personal life

Qureshi was born in Lahore, Pakistan.[3] and his family moved to England from Pakistan on 24 November 2009. He has his own computer lab at his home in Coventry, containing a computer network which he built, and spends roughly two hours a day learning about the Microsoft Operating systems. His mother, Mamoona, is training to be a general practitioner.[1]

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