Saylani Welfare Trust

Saylani Welfare International Trust, which is known for providing free food to the homeless, is a listed NGO with its charity registration No. 1145851, established in May 1999 with its head office at Bahdurabad, Karachi, Pakistan. It was founded and headed by famous spiritual and religious scholar Maulana Bashir Farooq Qadri.[1][2] With an estimated monthly expenditure of Pakistani Rupees above 30 million, Saylani Trust, provides food twice a day to more than 30,000 poor people through its 100 centers (generally known as Dastar-Khawan), most of them are serving in Karachi.[3][4] Distribution of CNG rickshaws among the jobless citizens of Karachi in April, 2011 with the help of prominent business community of Karachi was the turning point in its popularity.
Atomic Scientist of Pakistan, Dr. A.Q. Khan has commented in his published article that Saylani Welfare Org. is striving it’s hard to facilitate the people of Pakistan in every field of social wellbeing for the betterment of citizen of Pakistan and appreciated the job rendered by Maulana Bashir Farooq Qadri and his enthusiastic associates working for humanitarian cause. He was invited to grace the occasion as Guest of honor to a seminar organized by the Saylani trust on the subject of Development of Agriculture in Pakistan, attended by prominent experts in Agriculture and Bio-technology.[6] Tools of check and balance with financial accountability are maintained on modern systems, all accounts are annually audited through authentic Chartered Accountant Firm.

Medical institutions of Saylani

With its offices in Nottingham, UK, Saylani Welfare is responsible for carrying out fundraising campaigns as well as raising awareness of a range of charity projects. All donations are invested in sustainable projects and emergency campaigns in Pakistan. All welfare services by Saylani (NGO) are provided free of cost to everyone irrespective of their beliefs and political or social background. It offers following medical facilities at:[7]
  • (i) Saylani Chest Care Center, provides services to patients suffering from Tuberculosis
  • (ii) Saylani Diabetic Center, giving services to Diabetic patient with facilities for treatment of Hepatitis “C”

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