Ali Moeen Nawazish

Ali Moeen Nawazish is a Pakistani student notable for making a world record by getting 21 A’s in A Levels.[1] He graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge in 2011. He will attend Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism starting from the Fall of 2014.

Early life

Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, he lived most of his life there. He is the youngest child and both his parents work as doctors.[1] He studied at St Mary’s Academy, Roots International School System during his GCE’s.

Media attention

Ali’s A Level result was taken up by the international media. He was interviewed by or quoted in a number of newspapers and TV channels including Times Online, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Khaleej Times, The Independent, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera. He was given a number of awards, including the Pride of Performance award[6] which is one of the highest honours in Pakistan. Ali was congratulated personally by the Pakistani prime minister,[7] and the chief-minister of Punjab, the province he belongs to. Both of these people invited him as a guest to rendezvous with him. In addition, many TV channels including BBC in Britain and Geo and PTV amongst many others in Pakistan invited him as a guest to various shows.
In his first year at Cambridge, Nawazish achieved a lower second class in Part IA of the Computer Science Tripos.[8][9] He switched in his second year to Part IIA of the Politics, Psychology and Sociology Tripos and achieved a lower second class.[10][11] In his third and final year, he achieved an upper second class in Part IIB of the Politics, Psychology and Sociology Tripos. Nawazish soon joined Pakistan’s biggest media group; Jang and Geo TV Network, where he serves as a youth ambassador and columnist, using his position to highlight the issues of young people to the mainstream media where they are often neglected. He is also seen as an analyst, host and judge on different shows on media channels.

Personal life

Ali Moeen claims that he was an ordinary student,[1] whose academic performance oscillated as a child and some times barely passed.[12] He has claimed that he wishes to achieve greatness and elevate his homeland.[13] He received 9 A’s in his O Level, along with a “Top in World” award in computer studies. A Levels.[1] Then he continued studies at A Level. He is also reported to have founded a magazine and edited the school magazine. He also plays the guitar, tabla and piano and played for a musical band.[14]The A Level Subjects he took include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Further Mathematics, Sociology, Urdu Literature, Travel and Tourism, General Further Mathematics, Computer Studies, ICT, Psychology, Critical Thinking, Marine Sciences, English language, Thinking Skills, Geography, Pure Mathematics, General Paper, Business Studies, Applied Geography, General Studies and Human Biology. He also received awards for the highest marks in the country in Computing and ICT.

Twenti3 Group, Step Up Pakistan and AMN Schools

Since graduating, Nawazish has been involved in a number of projects. All his projects were founded with the aim of helping the youth in Pakistan. All his projects, his company Twenti3 Group, Step Up Pakistan, AMN Schools, and AMN Kids seek to offer opportunities to young people and provide examples for their development. Twenti3 group is company that was evolved by Nawazish. The company broadens its range of activities in many different sectors; IT, Media, Education, Social Services, to help strengthen, prosper and develop Pakistan.
Step Up Pakistan is an organisation founded to help Pakistan primarily in the field of education.[15] One of its subsidiaries is ‘thealevelchallenge’,[16] which is a free website for all students. Many projects of the organisation are aimed to facilitate teachers, to improve education in less privileged areas, to help in the eradication of the country’s corruption, and to carry out other humanitarian efforts. It arranges seminars in Pakistan, organises conferences, and promotes education through various means including e- learning. It is in the process of accumulating funding and building a network of free schools for those who need them across the country.Students can ask academic questions and receive professional assistance. Other projects of the organisation are aimed to train teachers, to improve education in less privileged areas, to improve the country’s curriculum and education system, among other humanitarian efforts.[17]
AMN Schools were made for the betterment of students’ education and a path to help change their future. Nawazish provides facilities and staff for this purpose and acts as a mentor to these children. He hopes that these schools will make an improvement in the Pakistani education system.

Association with Mobilink

Ali Moeen is also a brand ambassador for the Pakistani telecommunications company Mobilink, which is a subsidiary of Egyptian based Orascom.[18] The campaign for which Ali worked was Kal ke Liye Aaj Badlo. Ali worked for them by doing a print and ad campaign.[19]

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